About Us

Iqra Education Center

Our Mission

We are offering free assignments .We want to serve students and want to provide better services for solving assignments in this sense we are presenting these assignments without any logo and introduction of academy. 

Our objectives

1-Provide better guide line for solving assignment 
2-Provide online lectures on Youtube Channel Studio1 for different programs of AIOU 
3-Provide free unsolved papers so that students can see the pattern of examination 
4-Provide solve papers for examination 
5-Provide information about assignments and examination without any cost 
6-Provide Special lectures for MBA students on Youtube Channel Studio1


Education is important for every child in this since we want to help those students who have not resources to solve the assignments. Therefore we are providing free assignments, now this is your duty you should tell about our Youtube Channel Studio1, there is present free assignments -Thank you .And we are providing notes and online lectures at low cost in this sense see our Youtube Channel Studio1 .We shall also tell you the methods of successful business and many others suggestions which will give you benefits.

Our Aim

We want to provide free services for aiou students and also help these students in their professional life 

Our YouTube Channel

 Youtube Channel Studio1 is a dream of services we want to provide 

1-Tips on AIOU Education 
2- Tips for jobs 
3- Tips for own business 
4- Tips on social life Infect we want to create motivation in every child he can do everything for his family for his country for his life.

You can see many other opportunities on the  Youtube Channel Studio1

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